Tourism, Natural and Cultural Heritage

The cultural and environmental diversity of Nepal has proven to be a significant asset of the country, attracting thousands of tourists annually. Due to the negative impact of climatic change, this booming industry, which is a dominant source of income for many Nepalese, is now in a vulnerable situation. To debilitate the impact, the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process has integrated the Tourism, Natural, and Cultural Heritage sector as one of the thematic working groups (TWG). The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) lead the TWG. The joint secretary of the same ministry coordinates the working group.

This TWG works through strengthening the institutional capacities and partnerships between tourism-related institutions and research organizations for information, data, and knowledge generation along with research conduction and climate change impacts’ study in tourism in different geographic locations and further integrates climate change adaptation into the tourism policy and strategy to develop climate-resilient tourism in Nepal. 

In the process of formulating NAP, this TWG discusses and formulates a strategy to continue the work of the Working Group on Tourism, Natural and Cultural Heritage regarding the issues of overall climate change even after the NAP process.