Seven Provincial Consultation Workshops concluded to expedite the NAP formulation process

24 July to 22 August 2019, seven provinces of Nepal

As part of commencing and advancing the NAP process, the project on behalf of the Ministry of Forests and Environment, in collaboration with the Provincial Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forests, and Environment (MoITFE), organized the provincial consultation workshops between 24 July to 22 August 2019. The workshop was held for two days in each provincial headquarters. Out of 234 attendees, 27 were women, and 207 were men. These participants represented provincial ministries, private sectors, networks and associations, civil society organizations, NGO federations, local representatives, and academia who also provided their key inputs to advance the NAP process. The workshop not only sensitized the provincial and local government representatives on NAP formulation, but also trained and informed them on climate change adaptation planning, governance mechanism, climate finance, vulnerability, and impacts through a mixture of technical presentations, group works, and discussions.

The opening session was organized in each of the provincial workshops with the presence of either the Provincial Minister for Ministry Of Industry, Tourism, Forest And Environment (MoITFE) or Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture, and Cooperatives (MoLMAC). After the opening session, the experts from Climate Change Management Division (CCMD), MoFE, and UN Environment Programme delivered presentations (four presentations on Day 1 and two on Day 2). The presentations were on the NAP process and concepts, the policy frameworks on climate change, governance of climate change, climate finance, and scenario of climate change relating to each province of Nepal, among others. The group works on climate change vulnerability, impacts, adaptation actions, and gaps were also carried out.

Overall, the workshops regenerated the urge for provincial and local level governments to unite for the intervention of climate change adaptation activities at the ground level. At the end of the workshops, participants, i.e., provincial governments, political leaders, and stakeholders, had developed a common understanding of the need for institutional mechanisms at the provincial and local levels and were committed to advancing the NAP process and providing cooperation and support from their end.