Provincial Climate Change Coordination Committee (PC4)

The present governing constitution of Nepal, which came into effect in 2015, restructured the government and established the federal republic state devolving the decision-making authority to provincial and local level governments for implementing plans and programs. The new constitution also stated the responsibility of all tiers of governments to act on climate change adaptation affairs. Thus, to implement the constitutional provisions and institutionalize the climate change adaptation integration in all government levels, the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process formed the Provincial Climate Change Coordination Committee (PC4). Under the provision of the National Climate Change Policy 2019 and in close coordination with the federal level Inter-Ministerial Climate Change Coordination Committee (IMCCCC), PC4 functions through collaborating and coordinating with all government levels concerning climate change adaptation planning, implementation, and monitoring.

The provincial-level decision-makers and non-state actors represent the PC4, whereas, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forests, and Environment (MoITFE) is assigned as the focal Ministry for the climate change affairs at the provincial government. The MoITFE is responsible for making necessary logistic arrangements for the meeting and other activities of the committee. 

Along with forming the cohesive and coherent coordination framework between the federal and provincial governments concerning climate change, PC4 expands the knowledge and experiences of climate change mitigation and adaptation at the ground level. At the same time, it puts in place inter-sectoral integrated approaches for effective and sustainable adaptation strategies and measures. Through synergies, duplication of climate change-related activities are avoided, and engagement and the localization need for the adaption actions are promoted.

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