Surendra Pant

Surendra Pant

Assistant Scientific Officer, Climate Change Management Division, Ministry of Forests and Environment

Mr. Surendra Pant served on Plant Resources Management under the Department of Plant Resources and eight years on Environment Impact Assessment under the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Environment for six years. Mr. Pant has also monitored the environmental impacts of more than 200 projects and reviewed the Environmental Impacts Assessment reports of more than 500 megaprojects in Nepal.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Botany from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. The comprehensive training courses received by him are- Training Program on Environment Monitoring, Technical Training Course on Urban Pollution Control for Developing Countries, Addressing Climate Change and Sustainable Development for Officials from Belt and Road initiative countries, and South Asia Proposal Development Training in Srilanka organized by several international authorities.

He has been working in the adaptation section of Climate Change Management Division under the Ministry of Forest and Environment of Government of Nepal for two years. His primary responsibility is to handle all the affairs related to the Climate Adaptation section and coordinate the Building Capacity to Advance National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Process in Nepal under the guidance of section and division chief.

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