Forest, Biodiversity and Watershed Conservation

The forestry sector is an integral part of rural livelihoods, with the majority of the population dependent on forests for living, and using fuelwood as a significant source of energy. On the other hand, forests and biodiversity are dependent on climatic and edaphic factors like temperature and rainfall variability. This reliance has resulted in increased incidences of the forest fire, the spread of pests, and diseases, thereby affecting the entire forests and biodiversity of the country. Likewise, a longer period of drought has caused the depletion of watersheds, affecting its regulating functions.

Realizing the importance of forestry and watersheds and the impact of climate change in the sector, the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) has created a separate Thematic Working Group (TWG) for the sector. This TWG is designed to address climate change issues concerning Forests, Biodiversity, and Watershed Conservation and to guide the climate change adaptation activities necessary for their protection. 

The Ministry of Forests and Environment is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the activities carried out by this TWG. This TWG provides appropriate guidance to integrate adaptation measures into the policy, strategy, plan, program, and budget of federal, provincial, and local governments. Its work is grounded through evidence-based review of relevant studies related to forest and biodiversity and the impacts of climate change on them as well as analysis of existing policies, laws, periodic plans and strategies, financial management, adaptation works. The NAP process takes the lead in preparing the blueprint for adjusting these measures into the policy, strategy, plans actions of different levels of governmental entities as well as integrating private partnership in implementation activities. The appropriate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for adaptation activities undertaken are expected to facilitate further discussion and strategize to ensure the sustainability of the work done by NAP in Forests, Biodiversity, and Watershed Conservation sector.