Thematic & Cross-Cutting Areas

Building on the experiences of National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) and Local Adaptation Plans for Action (LAPA) formulation and implementation, Nepal identified seven thematic and two cross-cutting areas as most climate sensitive areas. Thus identified areas are led by working groups formed at relevent ministries.

Thematic Working Group

Coordinating Ministries

Agriculture and Food Security (Nutrition)

Ministry of Agriculture Development

Climate-induced Disasters

Ministry of Home Affairs

Forests and Biodiversity

Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation

Public Health (WASH)

Ministry of Health

Tourism, Natural and Cultural Heritage

Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

Urban Settlement and Infrastructures

Ministry of Urban Development

Water Resources and Energy

Ministry of Energy

Cross Cutting Working Group

Coordinating Ministries

Gender and Marginalized Group (Social Inclusion)

Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare

Livelihood and Governance

Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development